BRANZ to the Regions: Bracing (Queenstown)

This seminar takes a back-to-basics approach to bracing taking you through the steps that need to be addressed using examples to calculate the bracing required for framed walls.

We will start by looking in more detail at why we need bracing and what information is needed to begin the process of calculating wall bracing. Topics will include:

  • how bracing capacity is determined
  • the specific loads bracing will be subjected to and how those loads act on a building
  • the steps to work out bracing demand such as the effect of location, building height, wind and earthquake zones and cladding weight
  • the role of proprietary systems.

Once we have set the scene, the aim is to outline the steps you need to take to meet that demand by explaining the principles of:

  • bracing lines
  • distribution of bracing
  • meeting bracing demand
  • connections of bracing to the floor
  • diaphragms
  • effect of wall height.

These principles will then be applied to a couple of simple design examples.


  • Trevor Pringle – ANZIA – BRANZ Principal Writer
  • Roger Shelton – BRANZ Senior Structural Engineer

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  • Date
  • Time
    1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Venue
    Heritage Queenstown
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    ( Cost to members: $92 )

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