BRANZ: Ventilation & Bracing (Blenheim)

BRANZ to the Regions seminar

BRANZ presented a ventilation (space and roof) and a NZS 3604:2011 bracing seminar to a limited number of main centres early in 2017. Subsequently there were a number of requests to bring the key components of each seminar to the regions. While this seminar abridges both those seminars, the key elements of content have been retained.

Ventilation component

Ventilation can be the difference between a building that is dry and healthy and one that is not. For what appears to be a seemingly simple process, there are a number of intricacies that lead to many buildings being constructed with inadequate ventilation.

In this seminar, we cover roof and living space ventilation based on BRANZ research. In each case, we’ll talk about the possible moisture issues faced through inadequate ventilation and the solutions to address them.

The topics covered include:

  • living space ventilation
    • clause G4 and ventilation options
    • drying out damp houses
    • effective duct and fan selection
  • roof space ventilation
    • when roof space ventilation is required
    • simple roof space ventilation calculation
    • ventilation details.
Bracing component

Timber-framed buildings are required to be braced to resist horizontal loads from wind and earthquake.
This seminar takes a back-to-basics approach to bracing, taking you through the steps that need to be addressed using examples to calculate the bracing required for framed walls.

We will start by looking in more detail at why we need bracing and what information is needed to begin the process of calculating wall bracing. Topics will include:

  • why we need bracing
  • making bracing easier
  • the steps to work out bracing demand for wind and earthquake
  • bracing capacity and how it is determined
  • bracing lines and distribution of bracing

These principles will then be applied to three simple design examples.


  • Trevor Pringle - ANZIA - BRANZ Principal Writer
  • Roger Shelton - BRANZ Senior Structural Engineer
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    1:00pm - 4:00pm
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    Marlborough Convention Centre
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    ( Cost to members: $92 )

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