What do modern readers ACTUALLY WANT? | Webinar

What do modern readers ACTUALLY WANT? | Webinar

30 Mar 2021

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The rules you got taught about “good writing” may well be getting in the way of effective, professional communication and documents. That’s always been true in your profession, and COVID19 has really driven this home for all businesses (including your clients). Here’s the latest evidence-based best practice.

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30 Mar 2021
10:30 am - 11:30 am

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This 60 minute webinar will cover:

1. Why “It’s always been done this way” just doesn’t cut it, and why we just keep doing it that way

2. The psychology of reader behaviour – how to be readercentric

3. It’s not about you – to get your desired outcomes, you have to write like a reader

4. How to write reports and emails that are fit for purpose

The presentation will be followed by Q & A.

About the presenter:

Shelly Davies is one of New Zealand’s go-to business and technical writing trainers. She’s internationally recognised and is involved in plain language around the globe. With a rockin brand, weird photos, and 2 generations of offspring, ShellyDavies.com has been teaching business people and technical professionals how to be more concise, more effective, and more efficient in their communications for 9 years, and winning awards along the way. Check her out at www.shellydavies.com.

You can see her TEDx talk here

You can watch her on TVNZ Breakfast here

You can get an idea of her keynote style here

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