Mastering Business Financials

Mastering Business Financials

14 May 2021 - Nelson

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Business Financials understood…For Architectural Designers and Architects an Architect/ Business Coach

Presented by Glenn McHardie


30.00 NZRAB 4.00 CPD
0.75 Design 0.25 Documentation 0.00 Construction 3.00 Management

Time & Place

14 May 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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BNZ Partners Centre | Kate - Edgar Boardroom | 226 Trafalgar Street | Nelson | Nelson/ Marlborough

Event details

This seminar will cover:

Presented by: Glenn McHardie

1. MINDSET/ Your Relationship with Money

2. Money Mastery – Reporting, Margin, Break Even, Ratios

  • Reporting
  • Margin
  • Break Even
  • Ratios/ KPI

3. Cash Gap/ Working Capital Cycle

4. “Where is the Money” – understanding flow of money between P&L and Balance Sheet

5. Break Even Calculation

6. Glenn’s Top Tips

7. Hand outs and application of the knowledge to enable you to work YOUR numbers...

Bring with you to the seminar:

Paper & pen.


10.00am | 3 hour seminar - Mastering Business Finances - 3 PM points. Morning tea break included.

1.30pm | Lunch is provided

Followed by:

30 minute Technical presentations by ADNZ Partners

2.00pm | Firth - 0.25 D, 0.25 DC points

2.30pm | ColorSteel - 0.5 D points

About Glenn:


  • Registered Architect
  • General Manager
  • Business Advisor/ Coach
  • Property Investor

I have over 25 years of Architectural and Business experience, currently in the role of General Manager at Stiles and Hooker Architects and Engineers. I also have a specialist GM role for HD Geo, a geotechnical practice in Hamilton. I have previously held my own coaching business, with an ActionCOACH franchise, as a certified business coach, and owned my own Architectural Business. I am also an accomplished property investor, including mentoring others.

My Personal Purpose:

I have a deep passion for helping people in LIFE & BUSINESS play their chosen game at their utmost BEST, to achieve their breakthrough level of Success.

My Focus:

Whilst having a breadth of business acumen, my super power is growing people in businesses that are all about optimising property, specialising in Architectural & Engineering businesses. I focus on helping businesses where: growing sustainable financial success and building great culture occur in the same sentence.I also offer immense value advising about effective Partnerships and succession planning.

Growing Successful Organisations is where I shine, with a focus on the following facets:

  • Clarity of DIRECTION; starting with the owner & shifting from Dreams to Goals to PLAN
  • LEADERSHIP; asking quality questions of key players and making the calls!
  • Self-Management, including the shifting of identity (skill, beliefs, values) to grow people to be their utmost BEST
  • Orchestrating and upholding a business’s aspirations of: Sustainable financial performance and health, valued partnerships with clients, an engaged team (Culture eats strategy for breakfast) and the implementation of a clear strategic and operational plan.

Important to me with any opportunity, is for me to play to my highest values, being: Creative, Authentic, Flexible, having ownership, & being part of Community

I am a peaceful warrior, being at my utmost best when I am: focused, kind, and determined

“What others say about me”:

  • I have a wide range of skills & ideas to boot, in business & property.
  • I am a Leader.
  • I am Creative & perceptive….with ability to “read” people/ organisations to assess their true potential.
  • I strive/ seek/ push for improvement in self & others.
  • I am willing to ask leading/ challenging questions.
  • I have a strong inner courage to push through challenges.
  • I have a great enthusiasm for growing people in business.

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