Lost in Translation | Lunch and Learn Webinar

Lost in Translation | Lunch and Learn Webinar

02 Dec 2021

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Lost in translation? How to translate the technical for your co-workers and clients presented by Eithne Sweeney

Get the team together for a very valuable lunch & learn educational session & solve those communication issues.

This is an interactive session, think of examples or situations that miscommunication has occurred in your life, & be ready to share during the session.


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02 Dec 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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Event details

Eithne Sweeney from Wires Uncrossed is no stranger to miscommunication in technical environments - she's been resolving it for almost 20 years!

In this interactive session, she'll share three simple communication hacks to help you to  translate technical information for any audience, whether it’s your colleagues, contractors or clients.

You'll learn how you can  translate your expertise in a compelling way, so that the listener knows exactly what you mean and what that means for them.

Who knows, they may even want to know more! 

About Eithne:

Originally from Ireland, Eithne spent over five years working for large multinationals in China, where she helped technical teams overcome the barriers of language, culture and distance to build strong connections.

Moving to New Zealand, she has spent the past 14 years working with technical specialists in some of our largest companies, equipping them with the skills and structures to foster effective communication.

Note: This event has been changed from Thursday 25th November.

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