Climate change and what we can do now | Lunch & Learn Webinar

Climate change and what we can do now | Lunch & Learn Webinar

17 Feb 2022

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Join us for our Lunch & Learn session, today we hear from Elrond Burrell on Climate change and what we can do now to implement changes to how we design to make a difference.


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Time & Place

17 Feb 2022
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

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Event details

The challenge of Climate Change can be overwhelming, making it hard to know what to do and where to start. The construction and use of buildings contribute significant greenhouse gas emissions - up to 20% in Aotearoa and around 40% globally. As designers, we are in a unique position where we can make a positive difference in our day job by addressing how we design buildings to reduce the climate change impact.

Elrond will give an overview of the problem and opportunities for designers. He will discuss the targets to aim for and how we can design buildings today to reduce the climate change impact of embodied and operational emissions and what tools to use. Designing buildings for climate change is an opportunity for leadership and practical action now, but it could also become an issue of professional ethics.

Learning outcomes

Attendees will gain an understanding of

  • The contribution buildings make to greenhouse gas emissions in Aotearoa
  • The emission targets building designers should be considering
  • Design opportunities to reduce the climate change impact of buildings


12.30pm – Webinar commences/ADNZ welcome

12.30pm – 12.40pm – 10 Minute technical presentation from ADNZ Partner - David Eccles-Hall, from Roofing Industries; discussing "Metal Cladding Building Blocks".

12.40pm – Elrond Burrell presentation followed by Q&A

Approx 1.35pm – event concludes

About Elrond:

Elrond Burrell is director of VIA architecture Ltd, specialising in Passive House and low-carbon architecture, and the current board member of Te Tōpūtanga o te Whare Korou ki Aotearoa, Passive House Institute New Zealand (PHINZ).

He is also Principal Advisor Architecture & Design in the Building System Performance Branch of MBIE. Elrond is passionate about improving people’s quality of life, health and environmental impact through beautiful, sustainable, high-performance architecture.

An alumni of a Victoria University of Wellington (B.Arch, First Class Honours) and University of Westminster (London), Elrond is a registered Architect (UK) and certified Passive House designer. He has over two decades of experience in the industry, including projects across Aotearoa NZ, Australia, the UK, Canada and the Middle East. He was instrumental in the design and delivery of some of the UK’s largest Passive House apartment buildings and social housing, and several Passive House schools. Elrond is an international keynote presenter about Passive House and low-carbon architecture. He has presented at conferences in NZ, Australia, England, the US and Germany.

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VIA architecture:


Passive house blog:

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