Metro Performance Glass Technical Talks Webinar

Metro Performance Glass Technical Talks Webinar

10 Feb 2022

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Join us for our first ADNZ Partner Technical Talk education of the year. We will be hearing from Mike Stanford from Metro Glass about the new changes in the New Zealand Building Code and its impacts.


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10 Feb 2022
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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12.30pm - 1.30pm | Mike Stanford


Mike Stanford will cover what has changed in the New Zealand Building Code for windows glass, and the impacts on specifying glass in Homes/Small Buildings and Building over 300m2.

The transition dates and what will change on those dates.

Detailing the acceptable solution paths and the subsequent glass specifications that derive from this process. For “Both Housing and Buildings <300m2 (H1/AS1)” and “Buildings > than 300m2 (H1AS2)

Highlighting specifications for the new Six Climate Zones with likely paths to compliance using the schedule method for the 4 generic frame types - Aluminium, Thermal Broken Aluminium, uPVC, and Timber. Within these specifications, he will be covering the technical aspects of glass specification, U Value, Solar Factor, Shading Co-Efficient Tdw ISO, and the impacts they have on specifications.

Mike will also cover Metro’s view on Solar Control - a key component of window specification. Solar Control in window specification or over heating is not covered in this iteration of the New Zealand Building Code update. And with the increased thermal performance of homes through the code changes overheating of homes may well increase if not considered.

Followed by Q&A session.

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