Being a business owner and working independently for 18 years, Brent felt belonging to a professional organisation was important.  

“ADNZ provided a level of credibility and professionalism I was looking for”, Brent says.

Since joining ADNZ in 2013, Brent has enjoyed the camaraderie and connections he’s built with other members and the learning and continued professional development opportunities offered.

“The technical and business training, as well as the mentoring ADNZ provides has been really valuable as a business owner”, says Brent.

As well as being an active member within the organisation, Brent regularly takes part in the annual ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards. 

“Being part of ADNZ provides the opportunity to participate in the annual awards programme. The huge amount of exposure gained through taking part is something you simply can’t achieve from being an independent designer”, says Brent.

Brent’s Dunedin based practice, The Design Studio, and his team work on a variety of projects with a focus on creating durable, energy efficient and well-considered buildings that reflect the character of the people who live in them.