David’s membership was a way to stay connected with colleagues and to keep in touch with industry developments.

"Joining ADNZ helped me to tap into the latest flow of industry information and standards, a way to broaden my perspective on the industry, and a means to avoid isolation or tunnel vision in a professional sense”, says David.  

Since joining ADNZ in 2011, David found the opportunities for growth went further than his professional development. The increased exposure ADNZ provided was a huge benefit to his firm.  

 “ADNZ has provided a platform for greater exposure of our practice through the annual design awards and marketing channels - it's been like having our own marketing expert working with the business!”, says David.

Along with being an active member of the ADNZ community, David has spent time on the national board. This experience gave David exposure to the inner workings of the organisation and he was able to see first-hand the part ADNZ plays in helping to contribute to members professional development, and the industry as a whole. 

“ADNZ works to strengthen and support the industry by holding the membership to a high standard and ensuring members continue to develop their professional skills. Through leadership opportunities within the organisation, members can gain skills, extend networks, and develop a better understanding of the wider industry. These are attributes that enable members to contribute more fully to the sector throughout their career”, says David.

David sees his membership as an important affiliation for his clients.

  “I think it's important for our clients that we are associated with a reputable professional body and that we demonstrate accountability and integrity through our long term commitment to the organisation”, says David.

With over 20 years of industry experience, David has worked on a huge range of projects both in the UK and in New Zealand. David’s focuses on designing for the stunning NZ rural and coastal environment and meeting the challenges of affordability that face New Zealanders who share David’s passion for good design. 

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