"When I started my business, I found I was really looking for more connection with fellow architectural designers. I joined ADNZ in 1997 as it gave me the opportunity to network and connect with others in the industry. I enjoyed being able to share ideas and concerns and found many opportunities for collaboration with likeminded designers",  says Peter.

Since joining ADNZ, Peter’s taken up many leadership roles on both regional committees and as part of the national board. Through the exposure to many different business practices, Peter has   been able to broaden and harness many    skills and been able to utilise these within his own company.

As a business owner,    Peter values    being part of ADNZ which has been especially important during times of change in the building industry. 

"The continued work advocating the interests of members with local government has helped to give a voice to architectural professionals across New Zealand".

"To me, ADNZ provides a platform for collegiality, professional development, industry liaison, and greater recognition among the industry and with the public. Because of this, I’ll continue to be a member of ADNZ for years to come”, says Peter.

Peter Davis and business partner Jon Ambler merged their firms in 2008 to form AD Architecture. Peter focuses on designing home’s in smart and efficient ways which maximise the potential of the site and the client's budget and has a passion for sustainable and energy efficient principals which he likes to incorporate into his work.

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