Riverbank Quarter

Marcus Stufkens Stufkens+Chambers Architects
  • Category Multi-Unit
  • Floor size 1915
  • Location Christchurch
  • Awards National Winner for Residential Multi-Unit Dwelling
  • Photos Anthony Turnham


Project Description

This central CBD apartment complex is a result of the clients brief to create a mixed-use development that is desirable to live in and reintroduces a social ecology back into the city. The design is a 2-3 storey complex of 14 mid to high market quality residential units and 4 street facing commercial tenancies.

These units are designed as a mixed-use development with the flexibility of commercial and residential use. The combination of building typologies emphasizes this aspect by creating an environment for cross-pollination between residents and building users, creating positive relationships within the development and the wider CBD.

The judges said: "This is a successful mixed-use development that carefully considers the health and wellbeing of its occupants. The configuration of this clever CBD apartment complex allows for a wide variety of sunlight angles and vistas, increasing the amount of sun hours over an annual period. The views from key living areas are varied and are enhanced which creates a healthy internal environment and improves wellbeing for apartment occupants.

The materials utilised in the project are materials that exhibit low embodied carbon content, including brick seconds that have been utilised for the predominant brick facade."