Meeting a potential practitioner can help you decide if they're the best designer to help bring your design to life. Being prepared for your first meet and greet will be important to ensure you can come away knowing if they are the right designer for you.

Some good questions to ask include:

  • What are your qualifications and experience?
  • Are you a member of Architectural Designers New Zealand or the New Zealand Institute of Architects?
  • What do you think is good design?
  • How do you incorporate sustainability into your designs?
  • Do you work on projects within our proposed budget?
  • What do you like about our build site and where do you see setbacks?
  • Will I be working with you or a member of your team? Or do you do all the design work yourself?
  • Are you a Licensed Building Practitioner?
  • What is your design fee?
  • What are your payment options?
  • Can I speak to a past client to hear a testimonial?
  • Do you work with preferred contractors?
  • What are your areas of specialty? What projects do you enjoy working on?