Lyttelton Landing

Pippin Wright-Stow F3 Design
  • Category undefined
  • Floor size 66m2
  • Year completed 2017
  • Location Lyttelton
  • Awards 2017 National Winner - Residential Compact New Home Up To 150m2
  • Photos Mick Stephenson


Project Description

Lyttelton Landing was constructed as a prototype residential home for F3 Design's Pippin Wright-Stow. This family home makes use of the strength of the Boxus building system to perch high on a hill above Lyttelton Harbour, Banks Peninsula. At 66m2, Lyttelton Landing is an example of how intelligent design can create high quality, small living spaces. With all the structural support being within the steel frames of the Boxus modules, the walls have no bracing and therefore allow ease of renovation, change or replacement should there be future earthquakes or the need to extend the house. "A total of eight Boxus modules make up the 66 square metre house, sitting two deep and protruding towards the harbour. The new house boasts a tiny footprint, yet at the same time projects a sense of openness via the expansive windows. The walls are lined with timber, which provides both warmth and texture to balance the industrial feel of the steel frames and concrete floor."