Corten Homes (Madras St)

Mitchell Coll Fabric
  • Category undefined
  • Floor size 74m2 each
  • Year completed 2017
  • Location Christchurch
  • Awards 2017 Supreme Winner - Residential Multi-unit Dwelling and Residential Interiors
  • Photos Stephen Goodenough


Two 74m2 units with the durability and warmth of an alpine hut.

Roof form and colorsteel mimics the townhouses to the right. Corten steel is maintenance free with a distinct colour change as it ages.

Compact laminate was chosen for its durability, antibacterial qualities and unique finish. Recessed strip lights offer statement lighting without additional fittings.

Cross laminated timber allows for prefabrication off-site for speedy construction on-site. This sustainably grown New Zealand pine acts as a carbon sink storing over 20 tonne of carbon out of the atmosphere.

High skillion ceilings and placement of skylights offer the feeling of space.

The two units can be relocated separately or simple modifications can be made to create a four bedroom home. If required, they can be relevelled up to 120mm by one person in less than two hours.

Project Description

Designed for young professionals, these adjoined units prioritise energy efficiency, sustainability and durability without making aesthetic compromises. Floor plan and volume efficiencies reduced energy use and costs both during the build and for the occupants living there today, while also offering the opportunity to be modified into a four bedroom home in the future.

ADNZ CEO comment:

"This win is game-changing for the industry and we are thrilled to see such an exceptional example of compact multi-unit home design associated with ADNZ and leading a change in New Zealand home design.”


ADNZ Supreme Winner

ADNZ Residential Multi-unit Dwelling National Winner

ADNZ Residential Interiors National Winner

ADNZ Colin Stanley People's Choice Award

ADNZ Residential Compact New Home up to 150m² joint Regional Winner

NZIA Canterbury Architecture Awards Winner

Best Awards Residential Silver

NZ Wood-Resene Timber Design Awards Residential Architectural Excellence Commended