Te Ohu Living Village event with Tuhoe

Te Ohu 2018 People, Land + Kinship - is a working bee and exchange with Tûhoe, bringing our best together to grow and share ‘Our Living Future’.

Jerome Partington has been working with Tûhoe Te Uru Taumatua and the Living Future Collaborative NZ to co-host and design this opportunity to share the living system of Te Ureweras and Tûhoe tikana (customs), to grow our professional practice together and to co-image Living Villages for Tuhoe and our communities. A Tûhoe Living Village Te Ohu is an incredible opportunity to challenge every one of our preconceptions of community (values, relationships, finance, health’ transport, education etc) as we repurpose ourselves and our systems to be nature and productive with the aim of taking this awareness back into our worlds.

The four day event includes marae (shared) accommodation around Tâneatua, near Whakatane, Bay of Plenty New Zealand where Tûhoe and LFNZ are looking to jointly host 150 visitors. For this Te Ohu, you will be based at the Living Certified ‘Te Kura Whare’ with trips out into the forests and rivers and journeys to new Tûhoe developments and maraes. The nominal cost of NZ$550 includes food, accommodation and transport during the event. You will need to find your own way to Taneatua.

This is a special, first in a lifetime opportunity that will help steer us and Tûhoe into our living future.

Info and registration link: Online

More information: Jerome Partington, Chair Living Future NZ 021 716 212

Bay of Plenty

  • Date
  • Time
    to 18/02/2018
  • Venue
    Tâneatua, near Whakatane
  • Cost
    ( Cost to members: $550 )

    All prices are charged in NZD and include GST

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