BRANZ Keeping Water Out - Basements, Bathrooms and Decks Seminar (Tauranga)

Basements, bathrooms (particularly tiled showers) and decks are known areas of higher risk in terms of potential issues related to water entry and/or migration to adjacent spaces.This 21 centre seminar will cover the principles of:

  • why we need to waterproof effectively
  • the requirements of the Building Code, Acceptable Solutions and standards
  • waterproofing material options
  • waterproofing extent
  • key design parameters-the definition of wet areas and splash zones for bathrooms, slopes to bathroom floors and decks
  • key waterproofing system application requirements such as curing
  • key aspects of detailing
  • drainage-behind walls, external for decks and internal for bathrooms
  • inspection and maintenance
  • for bathrooms– specific issues around freestanding baths, preformed showers, level-entry showers, finishes to walls.

The seminar will be presented by:
  • Greg Burn – NZCD (Arch), Dip Bus (Marketing) – Structure Ltd
  • Des Molloy – Building Consultant

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Bay of Plenty

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    1:00pm - 4:00pm
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