Summer all year round

Summer may be over but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about ice blocks in the sun, wet togs, sandy floors and summer holidays. According to the 2021 judges of the ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards, that’s just the memories this beauty of a home in Papamoa Beach conjures.

Designed by multi award winning designer, Adam Taylor of ata, this Beasley was transformed into a beach abode suitable for a young, creative family with a desire to enjoy more flow and time in their sunny garden

Fortunately, Adam Taylor and his family live over the back fence and so already understood the dynamics of the property and how a family might want to live in the space harmoniously.

“The existing house, albeit tired, was a typical two-bedroom Beasley with small living spaces. The brief called for a master retreat and additional living space. The clients appreciated small space design and the blurring of space boundaries, but the separation of the master was important for their sense of sanctuary. With the dwelling central on the site, the challenge was to provide a connection to the yards that expanded living spaces as well as connected individual zones. The clients wanted to celebrate the existing relaxed character but not re-invent it,” says Taylor.

Adam Taylor’s response to the brief saw him maintain as much of the existing home as possible.

“The layout was reasonably efficient with space and so a subtle change was required. Widening the living by absorbing the existing laundry and rear entry allowed a look through approach to connect front and rear yards which also created passive cross-ventilation. A newly added eastern wing solves the spatial needs of a master retreat and extra living space. The wing positions slightly south allowing master garden views, privacy and sun across all other living areas,” says Taylor.

The home’s efficient footprint was designed in harmony with its form, a mono pitch roof that sweeps up to join in with the existing apex.

A now seamless ceiling lets the new kitchen, dining and living space flow. The hero is the large overall north-facing sliders.

The children’s wing has been renovated to include Low-E double-glazed doors for natural light and yard access. While the new wing divides into the den with the master retreat tucked behind.

For the exterior, organic silver anodised joinery complements the simple weatherboard. In contrast the addition has texture, patina and shape. LC board and batten, which will age with time, stretches over the existing roofline seamlessly weaving old and new.

The landscape which blends so perfectly with the home consists of multi-purpose terraced decking, an outdoor shower, perforated mesh and LC screening. Adam Taylor says these elements add layers, solar shade and bed the home to the land.

“Internally we specified Tawa floors as a nod to the past, contrasted with exposed strand flooring. Sustainable LC and plywood linings complete this organic and playful home for a family who see architecture as a way to reflect who they are,” says Taylor.

Adam Taylor won the 2021 ADNZ Resene Residential Alterations and Additions Architectural Design Award for his work on the project. ADNZ Judges called the home an authentic, laid back, low-key design for a bach extension, utilising a fantastic array of materials and the integration of landscape elements.

Photography by Media Masters