Taking out the 2021 ADNZ Resene Residential New Home over 300m2 Architectural Design Award was the incredible ‘Folded Roof Home’ by Craig South of South Architects.

Faced with the challenge of a narrow street façade, in order to utilise the full potential of this site a dynamic design was required. The home has been split across two levels to adapt to the sloped landscape, with the upper level reserved for the shared spaces and master suite, and the lower level accommodating the secondary bedrooms. Each floor enjoys breath taking views out to the Southern Alps, optimised through expansive outdoor living spaces and generous amounts of glass.

When approaching this home, you’re met with sharp metal clad forms which wrap from the entry out towards the north-western view, then cut away to expose dark cedar panelling.

Upon entering through the brightly coloured front door, glimpses of the impressive folded roof form begin to be unveiled as you journey through this home. The master suite, TV room, and amenities are perfectly concealed and guide visitors seamlessly into the main living spaces where the folded roof form finally unfolds.

The increased ceiling height over the kitchen allows for light to flood in, while the reduced roofline over the dining spaces creates a more intimate environment. Nestled alongside the main living spaces is the owners favourite spot, The Vinyl Room, which allows occupants the opportunity to enjoy their favourite record while taking in the north-western views.

Steel finishes have been introduced into the interior spaces, including the kitchen and stairwell to compliment the timber finishes, while the personalised touches like the pattern seen on the stair barrier, the mapped topography of a distant hill, help bring the personality of this home to life.

The 2021 judging panel were impressed with Craigs thoughtful and inventive design.

“Dynamic space planning has been employed particularly well to resolve issues and exploit the full potential of this challenging site. The folded roof planes are set up to complement the spatial planning. The light is let in through clerestory openings which work in beautiful tandem with the interiors. This is a scheme where three dimensions are needed to tell the story and where the elevational drawings struggle to illustrate how the folded roof form has been employed with great poise”, said the judging panel.

Photography by  Sarah Rowlands Photography and Ian Hutchinson.