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Bob Burnett Bob Burnett Architecture
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  • Floor size 303
  • Year completed 2020
  • Location Christchurch
  • Awards National Finalist - New Dwelling over 250sqm, Finalist - Interiors
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Project Description

A Japanese House in New Zealand. It's a Japiwi House 'Japanese-Kiwi House' What springs to mind with a New Zealand House is laid-back comfort, spacious open plan living areas and connection with the outdoors and environment. A Japanese House is perhaps Tranquillity, harmony, natural materials and colours with clever use of space and some key elements of Japanese Architecture like the Genkan and Tokonoma etc. This project allowed some freedom for expression and experimentation with new ideas and techniques. Bob Burnett and his wife, Japanese architect Shizuka Yasui, naturally infused the best of both New Zealand and Japanese influences when it came to designing their own family home. The design duo always works together on projects and this was their collective meeting of the minds that conspired to create their own exceptional new home high up on the Port Hills. A hotbed of ideas and technical innovation that integrated systems thinking of the time. The property was also purpose-designed as the office of Bob Burnett Architecture. At the time it was an example of their best design, energy efficiency and sustainability innovations. They were ejected on February 22nd 2011 and over the last nine years, the repairs have been delayed by the insurer AMI / Southern Response who have just recently finally paid. An important early project by Bob Burnett Architecture completed 2008, which provided the opportunity for experimentation and refinement of new technologies and ideas of the day. Some will find this home familiar as it was widely published in the media and magazines and also featured in a 500 page coffee table architectural book called '150 Best Sustainable House Ideas'. National finalist in three categories of the ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards in 2008.