Ben Gilpin Gil-plans Architecture
  • Category Residential
  • Floor size 417
  • Location Wellington
  • Awards National Winner for Residential New Home over 300m2
  • Photos Paul McCredie


Project Description

A new beachfront house was required with separate spaces for visiting extended family. Feature screens obscure and screens provide a sense of intrigue to the homes approach. Upon entering you are drawn into the home down the main gallery to the views and dynamic coastal setting.

The Long low-level gable forms reduce the scale of the house and nestle it within the setting. Large facings, matching the columns, are introduced across the house to create a cohesive and balanced form

The judging panel had this to say about Driftwood: "This sophisticated design has created a clear architectural proposition which is designed to immerse guests in the setting. The weathered cedar cladding, reminiscent of the coastal driftwood, paired with the expressed white structure, makes the home feel strong yet soft, and solid yet ephemeral. Scale, form, planning and material selection have succeeded in making this coastal home feel like part of the landscape. It simply belongs."