Spotswood Shed

Ben Brady Linetype Architectural
  • Category Residential
  • Floor size 263
  • Location Cheviot, Canterbury
  • Awards National Winner for New Home between 150m² and 300m² Sponsored by APL
  • Photos Dennis Radermacher


Project Description

This T shaped-plan takes full advantage of its beautiful rural setting. The long northern wing is articulated with sliding perforated screens, which provide solar protection and also create a softened interior atmosphere with filtered views and dappled light. The archetypal shed architecture is elevated to express a carefully considered composition unencumbered by fussy planting, revelling in its location in a paddock.

The deep overhangs and sheltered eastern porch protect a series of well-proportioned spaces, and the timber palette from the exterior continues inside with a soft grey contrast on the walls.

The oversized chimney projects as a small delicate tower, enhancing the linearity of the north wing and further emphasises the agricultural references.