Why use an ADNZ Professional Member

Building is a big investment. Don’t take a chance, work with an architectural designer or architect who has the stamp of approval from Architectural Designers New Zealand. We’re the leading body for architectural designers in New Zealand and as a collective, we set the standard for excellence in New Zealand architectural design.

Striving for excellence

To attain an ADNZ Professional Membership, all designers must first go through our robust assessment process, led by our accredited assessment team. This process ensures all our members align with ADNZ’s strict ethical and industry standards.

Once part of Architectural Designers New Zealand, to maintain membership, members must engage in continuous professional development and must also meet strict requirements to maintain their membership status. As a client of an ADNZ member you can be confident you’re working with someone that is equipped to deliver your project and a professional who strives to improve and keep up with the latest national and international design trends.

Committed to the highest ethical standards

ADNZ’s Code of Ethics provides guidance and sets our expectations for the professional standard and conduct of our members. ADNZ members must accept and agree to our code of conduct, which gives you the piece of mind and confidence that you’re working with someone committed to the highest ethical standards.

Resolving disputes

Unfortunately, despite best intentions, sometimes disputes can arise. Though we always recommend that it's best to start with an open and frank conversation to avoid the need for escalation, if you're not happy with the work or conduct of a Professional Member of ADNZ you can lodge a complaint with us. Please note, ADNZ only handles complaints when the designer is a current member of Architectural Designers New Zealand. To raise a dispute, contact us.

Compulsory indemnity insurance

It’s compulsory that all professional members of Architectural Designers New Zealand hold up to date professional indemnity insurance. This ensures our members are able to deliver on any obligations should rectification be required. This gives confidence and piece of mind to both designer and client.