Tim Wernham-Doo Constructive Architecture Ltd
  • Category Interiors
  • Floor size 45m²
  • Location Te Aro, Wellington
  • Awards National Winner for Home Interiors
  • Photos Bonny Beattie


Project Description

This apartment fitout is an exceptional scheme that pushes the boundaries of interior joinery design to the max. It turns traditional real estate apartment drabness on its head by focusing on the custom needs of the client. The approach, mixed with intellectual rigour, and topnotch craft execution, results in a luxurious experience of high-end finishes, delightfully unexpected plays such as the disappearing table, and meticulous jointing.

Flexibility, elegance, craft – this interior design exemplifies all three. The bespoke cabinetry delivers functional features and durability alongside refinement and quality materiality with folded sheet brass highlights. The photography captures a svelte tactile experience that extends off the page. The viewer must hold back from reaching out to stroke the cabinetry.

This award recognises the mature and beautiful execution, a benchmark for apartment interiors to move beyond the expected and into the realm of maximum user experience.