Island Shelter

Ben Gilpin Gil-plans Architecture
  • Category Other
  • Floor size 125m²
  • Location Kāpiti Island, Wellington
  • Awards National Winner for Architectural Spaces and Structures
  • Photos Ben Gilpin


Project Description

The Kāpiti Island shelter upgrade very successfully transforms a mere open structure into a hard-working and versatile series of welcoming and intriguing visitor spaces. The homogenous materiality enables seamless integration throughout, across roofing, screening, walls, seating, and decking elements.

The completed design is in absolute keeping with the original partial structure and the commanding site. Pleasing richness is achieved through textural elements such as the timber slats and combined with the minimal elegance of all structural forms, results in a mature and thoughtful outcome.

This National Award recognises the significance of the sanctuary site in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand. The resulting delicate and considered approach to this site is reflected in the coherent visual language and a successfully completed architecture. It is a fitting landing and farewelling space to a special and sacred experience.