Rock Hill

Robert Weir Weir Architecture
  • Category [object Object]
  • Floor size 360sqm
  • Year completed 2015
  • Location Rockhill Kennedys Bush Christchurch
  • Awards National Winner Residential Home over 300m


Rockhill - North

Rockhill - Entry

Rockhill - Contrasting Concrete Panels

Rockhill- Gallery

Rockhill - Master Bedroom / Ensuite

Rockhill - Dining / Kitchen

Project Description

The design brief for Rockhill was to create a bold and striking contemporary home that took full advantage of the stunning Northerly views from the lower slopes of Kennedys Bush. Be highly thermally/energy efficient, have a variety of outdoor areas to mitigate the prevailing winds while maximizing the all-day sun. The material pallet has been kept simple; textured precast concrete façade panels provide a raw, strong and primal base element for the home. Yet the secondary elements of polished composite aluminum eyebrows, exposed steel frames and natural timber decking provide a sophisticated contrast.