Heathcote - Valley Inn

Robert Weir Weir Architecture
  • Category [object Object]
  • Floor size 700sqm
  • Year completed 2012
  • Location Heathcote Valley, Christchurch
  • Awards Civic Trust Award
  • Photos Julian Laplanche


Valley Inn - Heathcote Valley

Following the 2010 Earthquake


Balcony Detailing

Project Description

The earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 destroyed the Historic Heathcote Valley Inn leaving the local residents without a much loved feature of valley life. Dating from 1877, the wedge shaped Tavern was a local landmark on the corner of Marsden and Flavell Streets for 134 years. The clients original brief was for a single storey corrugated iron clad building, having lived in the valley for several years I strongly believed that this approach was wrong and I eventually managed to convince the client that the building needed to be 2 storey and similar in nature to the existing. We incorporated the only two remaining features; an existing brick lined well within the bar and 2 ancient pepper trees in the outdoor courtyard.