Castle Hill III

Aaron Jones Urbanfunction
  • Category undefined
  • Floor size 102m2
  • Year completed 2022
  • Location Castle Hill, Canterbury
  • Photos Steve Entwisle, Rightangles Photography


Project Description

Castle Hill III is a mountain ‘bach’ that captures the essence of its harsh local environment. Inspired by local Arthur’s Pass mountain huts, the design features angular A-frame rooflines, vaulted ceilings and open-plan living spaces that seamlessly connect with the local environment. Our clients wanted a warm and cosy mountain retreat that is deeply connected to the landscape. Sustainability is a core principle and the upcycled LMA timber was selected for its reclaimed and carbon neutral footprint. The double thickness timber framing ensures maximum insulation for energy efficiency and every cavity is super insulated. Roof overhangs provide additional shading thus reducing heat gain. Materials and finishes have been carefully chosen to blend with the local environment and comply with subdivision covenants. The use of recycled Australian hardwood, trapezoidal roofing iron and plywood creates a cohesive and rustic aesthetic. Castle Hill III is a warm and inviting weekend retreat that pays homage to its local context and showcases modern design elements and sustainable practices.