Aaron Jones Urbanfunction
  • Category undefined
  • Floor size 125m2
  • Year completed 2022
  • Location Mt Pleasant, Christchurch
  • Photos Steve Entwisle, Rightangles


Project Description

Located on a challenging hill site, this small 120m2 home has been cleverly designed to maximise space and make the most of expansive views out to Te Karoro Karoro-Southshore Spit and the Kaikoura Ranges. Designed to a tight budget, the home nestles unobtrusively into its hillside surroundings. Access to the challenging site was created by utilising a core central retaining wall to prop up a new driveway allowing for drive-on access. The thin form of the house hangs off this central retaining wall, vaulting out on cantilevered piles to create a sensation of being thrust into the view. The floorplan has an open plan living area centrally positioned for views. The main bedroom has been designed for privacy with timber shading fins providing protection from overheating and seclusion, without obscuring the panoramic vista. Cosy nooks promote well-being and escape within the small footprint. Timber is used in the internal spaces to create warmth contrasting with the steel highlights and white painted plasterboard. Sustainability is emphasised, with super-insulated walls, high-spec glazing and surface-mounted lighting used to minimise thermal envelope penetrations.