Oceanbeach Townhouses

  • Category Multi-Unit
  • Floor size 300m2
  • Year completed 2022
  • Location Mt Maunganui
  • Awards 2023 Regional Award Highly Commended New Home over 300m2
  • Photos Amanda Aitken Photography


Project Description

Oceanbeach Townhouse redefine expectations of medium density housing with dual three-level dwellings that nestle into their site and borrow open space from the immediate coastal surroundings. The design has a simple rectangular plan stacked vertically that is lifted out of the site to embrace natural light and to enhance views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding horizons including the coastal reach to Mauao (Mt Maunganui). Intricate cedar slat screens embrace as a leitmotif, dissolving the distinction between the architectural and natural worlds. Moving beyond timber’s traditional role as cladding or framing material, the rhythmic spacing and visual intrigue of wooden slats rests in their oscillation providing playful changes in shadows cast by natural and night illumination over the building’s facades and interiors. Delivering not only a home for its occupants, but a sculpture enjoyed by the public realm.