Stones Throw

  • Category Residential
  • Floor size 300m²
  • Year completed 2022
  • Location Mt Maunganui
  • Awards National Winner for New Home over 300m² Sponsored by Jesani
  • Photos Amanda Aitken Photography


Project Description

This unassuming home takes advantage of the sloping site to unleash a seaside home with charm and reserved elegance. From the street, the view is simple and carefully guarded, but as the white balustrades of the gates recede, the quiet poise of this house stands out. There is a mix of cladding to the project, although all in white, from the timber, the louvres and even the stonework. Bringing the local stonework back into the build in a retro tribute to the houses of the ever-popular mid-Century period gives a comforting feel to the house, carried on by a steadfast adherence to the limited colour palette. Internally, timber flooring, externally timber decking, overall the house is a well-considered interplay between internal spaces and external living areas, surrounding an impeccably detailed inviting hot tub and pool.