Noel Jessop

ADNZ Professional Member Noel Jessop Architecture



  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2005
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River Downs Residence

  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2006
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  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2009
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  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2014
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  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2011
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  • Category Commercial
  • Year completed 2008
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The Strand

  • Category Commercial
  • Year completed 2011
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  • Category Residential
  • Year completed 2010
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Noel Jessop Architecture is a Hamilton based architectural design team. We are a multi-award winning practice and have an exceptional portfolio of work that can be viewed at
Our experience encompasses coastal and rural homes, large scale residential, commercial and industrial developments, which has led to numerous architectural awards both locally and nationally.

We are proud to have been regularly published in Urbis, NZ Home and Garden and Homestyle magazines.

NJA strives for the highest standards of client service, design and documentation. At the completion of each project the aim is to have achieved a building that is beyond the client's expectations. Our commitment to providing superior service to our clients has been recognized with a nomination for a Business Excellence Award by the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

Each project is analyzed for its special requirements and opportunities: the end result being not apreconceived idea but a combination of the client's requirements and desires, the site and the budget. Critical consideration is given to the project's specific environmental and historical location, and to the appropriate materials and construction methods of the locality.

NJA believes good design will produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces and buildings that have an enduring quality over time.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Renovation
  • Multi-Unit
  • Interiors


  • National Finalist - Residential New Home up to 250m2 – 2010
  • National Kitchen Award Winner 2009 – 2009
  • National Commercial Award Winner 2009 – 2009
  • National Finalist - Residential Compact New Home up to 150m2 – 2009
  • National Winner - Residential New Home up to 250m2 – 2008
  • National Finalist - Mult Residential – 2008
  • Supreme Winner - Resene | ADNZ Architectural Design Awards – 2008
  • National Winner - Kitchen – 2007
  • National Winner - Kitchen – 2005
  • National Winner - Commercial/Industrial – 2003

Client Reviews

"Noel Jessop's work clearly indicates an attention to detail and understanding of proportion, mass and light that creates buildings that are balanced and clearly understood. His honest use of materials and consideration for natural light are compelling to me. Contemporary NZ Architecture is advancing on all fronts throughout the country and his works I believe were excellent examples of this."

Phillip Matz